Club Photo Albums

Thanks for visiting Weston Kiwanis's photo albums. Pictures of club meetings and events are available back to 2010 and before in three approximate* timeframes on this page. (*There is some overlap between the timeframes.)

  • AFTER JUNE 25, 2016
  • MAY 22, 2010 through JUNE 25, 2016
  • BEFORE MAY 22, 2010

Scroll to the timeframe you are interested in and enjoy!


AFTER JUNE 25, 2016
Links to albums of Kiwanis meetings or events after June 25, 2016 are immediately below:

2017-02-05 Homes for the Brave Superbowl Party
2016-12-17 Holiday Party
2016-11-19 New Members Induction
2016-11-19 Food Drive
2016-11-12 Ann Nyberg Remembering Katharine Hepburn
2016-11-12 Stars of Hope for Veterans
2016-10-30 Reservoir Run
2016-10-26 Governor's Visit to (new) Division 21
2016-10-05 Don Gary Hitting the Gong
2016-10-02 Reservoir Run Flyer Placements
2016-08-27 Family Picnic

MAY 22, 2010 through JUNE 25, 2016
Albums of Kiwanis meetings and events from May 22, 2010 through June 25, 2016 are displayed below. Each picture below represents one album with one or more pictures.

Click on the representative picture to display the thumbnails of the one or more pictures in the album. Then click on any of the displayed thumbnails to see it enlarged. Hover your pointer in the picture to see controls to move forward and backwards in the album. There is also a control you can click on to play a slide show of the album automatically. Finally, there is a link to return to displaying all of the album icons.


BEFORE MAY 22, 2010

Photographs prior to May 22, 2010 are in the folders listed below. Events are listed by the date of occurrence. Click on the name of the event to view the photos of that event. Eventually, all available photographs will be posted in one newer album.