Youth Service Award 2012:
The award is given for outstanding achievements, particularly in community service. The selected individual must have demonstrated exemplary behavior, attitude and values consistent with those Kiwanis International espouses.

This includes encouraging following the Golden Rule in all human relationships, applying higher social, business and professional standards and by example developing serviceable citizenship.

To nominate a Weston student, please complete the Kiwanis Youth Service Award form.

The youth service award for 2011/2012 was presented to Johnny Egan on April 7, 2012:




Johnny Egan receives the Youth Services Award from Jeff Gurren as his parents John Egan and Dawn Egan look on. 



Kiwanis photograph April 7, 2012 by Bob Rowland.

Helping split and deliver wood for the Weston Warm-Up Fund for the past three years, checking that Seniors’ homes were warm during major storms, serving as assistant grounds manager for the Weston Historical Society and volunteering through the town’s Community Service Coalition are just some of the activities that earned Johnny Egan the prestigious Kiwanis Youth Services Award.

“The Youth Service Award is given to very special people who really do so much for Weston,” said Kiwanis Youth Committee lead Jeff Gurren as he presented the award. “In many cases, it is given for one service the community, but it is so much more than that in John Egan’s case.”

John J. Egan V (Johnny) was nominated for the award because Kiwanis members viewed him as an outstanding example of how a young person can lead the way in showing a true sense of caring and civility, and a desire to make his community better through volunteering of time and talents.
Johnny has been an integral part of the Kiwanis and Warm-Up Fund wood project for over the past three years, delivering wood to over 150 homes. He is the Assistant Grounds Manager for the Weston Historical Society, a volunteer position to which he was appointed because of the quality of his work in supporting the upkeep of the property. One example of his efforts for the Society over the past year was driving his tractor over from his home on Kettle Creek to the Coley Homestead to move some huge granite slabs that gave definition to the new, enlarged parking area. He secured a police escort on his own initiative to ensure safe driving conditions for the community as he drove the tractor to the Homestead.

Mr. Gurren said that Johnny has demonstrated leadership potential in many areas of his life, exemplified by his desire to serve his country by joining the US Coastguard. He is seeking admission to the Coastguard Academy. “I am proud of what you do for the Weston community,” Mr. Gurren said. “We will be equally proud of what you will do for your country.”

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