Club and Foundation Committees
The Kiwanis Club of Weston carries its work out through individual members and through committees of the club and its foundation, the Kiwanis Club of Weston Foundation. All of the club and foundation committees are listed on this page, alphabetically with the club committees listed first, followed by the foundation's committees. This list lists the committee name, chair(s), and description of the committee. 
Members may find additional information about committees by logging into the member site. There they can view the names of the members of each committee and detailed information about upcoming and past meetings.
Club Committees

The Kiwanis Club of Weston has standing committees as determined by a majority vote of the board and defined in club policy. The president may create and appoint additional committees as desired to conduct club goals and activities, subject to approval by the board, with their purpose, term, and duties defined upon creation. 

Foundation Committees
The foundation trustees may constitute one or more standing or special committees consisting of at least two or more trustees selected by the board and such other persons as the board may appoint.

Name Chairs Description
Club Administration
photo Failla, Tom
The Committee on Club Administration is responsible for providing the most effective club meeting possible. Areas of focus include the club meeting program, risk management, reception, fellowship and inter-club relations, as well as other areas the committee may deem pertinent.
Club Board (Officers and Directors)
photo Marsh, Roy
The Board consists of the five officers elected for one year terms and ten directors elected for staggered two-year terms. Terms are October 1 through September 30. The board provides general management of the club not otherwise delegated to the membership in its bylaws or club policies, assures the club complies with applicable governmental rules and regulations, determines the good-standing status of members in accordance with club policy, and perform other duties as provided in the bylaws and club policies.
Club Bylaws
photo Barron, Bill
The Club Bylaws Committee advises the board and the membership regarding matters pertaining to the club's bylaws and may draft amendments to the bylaws and new or amended policies for approval by the membership. Revised 2017-01-07 by Bob Uzenoff
Club Communications
photo Butler, Joanne
The Communications Committee is responsible for all messaging for the club, regardless of the media. Reviewed by Joanne Butler 2017-12-31
Club Community Service The Community Service Committee may implement projects on the arts, business affairs, citizenship, civic improvement, community beautification, conservation, health, international understanding, literacy, public affairs, safety or help for senior citizens and disabled persons. Popular projects may include Special Olympics, Community Kitchen, issues forums and others listed below: Community Analysis Survey tips and tools Service Leadership Programs Read around the World. Reviewed by Steve Thomas 2017-01-02
Club Dog Jamboree
photo Barron, Jennifer
The Dog Jamboree Committee is responsible for planning and producing a dog show fundraising event.
Club Fellowship and Social Events
photo Spencer, Harry
The Fellowship and Social Events Committee plans and executes events designed to foster club member fellowship and family fun. The committee aims at financially breaking even annually. Added, Dawn Egan from club board meeting minutes of 2017-01-21 Reviewed by Harry Spencer 2017-01-08
Club Financial Review BYLAWS ARTICLE 8. FUNDS and ACCOUNTING ... 8.3. The club’s financial records will be examined annually by either (a) a qualified accounting firm; or (b) a standing financial review committee, as provided in club policy. The club’s accounting records will be available for inspection by the accounting firm or the committee and, upon request, by the president or board. A written report of the annual financial examination shall be submitted to the board. ... POLICY F. ANNUAL FINANCIAL REVIEW To perform its annual financial examination as stated in Bylaws section 8.3, this club: Has a standing financial review committee composed of two or more qualified** club members, excluding any board members. Selection of the members will be determined by vote of the club board. Committee members’ terms shall be for one year each, October 1 – September 30. It is recommended that no person serve more than three (3) consecutive terms. Note: An annual examination of financial records should include, but not be limited to, bank reconciliations, income, disbursements, budgets, balance sheets and income and expense statements for both the administrative and service accounts, budgets, and any other financial records or reports of the club.
Club Human and Spiritual Values
photo Troxell, Jackie Senior
The six permanent Objects of Kiwanis International were approved by Kiwanis club delegates at the 1924 Convention in Denver, Colorado. Through the succeeding decades, they have remained unchanged. The first Object is "To give primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life."
Club Interclub
photo Negroni, Juan
The Interclub committee arranges Inerclub events and competition in the current year district Interclub contest. International has a fellowship and networking program called "Inter-Club". In this program, each local club is encouraged to visit other clubs in their district. Inter-clubbing is a means of supporting Kiwanis’ fifth Object, which is “To provide, through this club, a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service, and to build a better community.”
Club Membership Growth and Education
photo Murillo, Fernando
The Committee on Membership Growth and Education’s main goal is to increase membership. The committee considers all membership applications and submit its recommendations to the Board of Directors. The committee also develops an effective orientation and induction ceremony for new members and promote regular attendance by all members at club meetings.
Club Nominating
photo Van Deusen, Glenn
The nominating committee proposes a slate of officers and directors at least two weeks in advance of the annual meeting.
Club Programs
photo Glass, Tom
photo Amill, Rick
The Program Committee identifies and arranges programs for club meetings. Reviewed by Tom Glass 2017-12-30 Sat 11:58 AM
Club PTO Memorial Day Weekend Fair
photo Marsh, Roy
photo Heisinger, Didi
The Club PTO Memorial Day Weekend Fair Committee is responsible for managing the various aspects of the Kiwanis Food Tent, including establishing policies, cash management, securing permits, ordering food and supplies, interfacing with vendors and the food truck operators, and staffing. Last updated by Rick Amill 2017-10-25
Club Risk Management
photo Kim Blechinger, Jacqueline
Kiwanis is a service organization, but the law still holds the organization liable for its negligent acts that might cause injury. Risk of injury to persons and of damage to property of others exists in all Kiwanis activities. Risk management analyzes basic risk factors and discovers those than can be managed so claims will not result. Updated by Bob Uzenoff 2017-01-26 with Larry Cass and Dan Lerner as members per club board meeting minutes of 2017-01-21. Reviewed by Jacqueline Kim Blechinger 2015-11-18.
Club Secretariat
photo Uzenoff, Bob
In Weston Kiwanis, the club secretary position is filled by four individuals: Secretary -accountable for the secretary position Assistant Secretary - manages monthly reports required by Kiwanis International Recording Secretary - manages minutes of club board meeting RESPONSIBILITIES The club secretary ensures club operations run efficiently and manages many of the details that make the club experience great. The secretary works closely with the president and board of directors and is responsible for the management of all club records, including minutes and attendance at all club and board meetings. As an officer of the club and a member of the board of directors, the club secretary can participate in all board discussions and vote on any question put to vote by the presiding officer. Club secretaries will find a list of resources at DUTIES • Manages and maintains club and membership records online • Makes club records available upon request • Maintains club’s permanent files • Keeps minutes of club and board meetings • Shares all communications received from Kiwanis International or the district as appropriate • Forwards the Club Insurance Resource Guide to the safety coordinator • Submits all official reports required by Kiwanis International, the district and the club • Orders merchandise from the Kiwanis Family Store • Ensures that the club follows current Kiwanis brand standards in its internal communications and public awareness efforts • Performs other duties as may be assigned by the president or board • Fulfills all other duties documented in the Standard Form for Club Bylaws Reviewed by Robert A. Uzenoff 2017-11-12
Club Service Leadership Programs
photo Egan, Dawn
Kiwanis International empowers people at every stage of life to become competent, capable, and compassionate leaders by helping them learn to help others. Through its Service Leadership Programs, Kiwanis enables its youngest leaders to serve their communities, opening doors for them to change the world. Key Club is part of our Kiwanis family. Key Club is for high school students, giving them the opportunity to develop leaderships and character. Reviewed by Dawn Egan 2016-12-19.
Club Technical Assistance
photo McMorris, Jim
Provides audio, visual, and other technical support for program speakers and club events. Confirmed by Jim McMorris 2017-10-23.
Club Wine Tasting
photo Shupack, Hal
Compiles the wine list served at club functions, relying on the their extensive knowledge of wines and spirits. Coordinates special wine tasting events or courses, and trains the wait-staff on the basics of wines offered. For especially rare and unique vintages, the only club members allowed to decant and pour those beverages.
Foundation (All Members)
photo Kersey, Dallas
All members in good standing of the club are also members of the Kiwanis Club of Weston Foundation, Inc.
Foundation Awards
photo Egan, Dawn
The Awards Committee and its Chair act as a liaison with the School award committees to assure that the selection process proceeds in accordance with award specifications, and that the Kiwanis awards are prepared in time for presentation at the School Functions. In addition, the award winners and their families are invited to a Kiwanis Meeting and the Summer Picnic event to meet the Club Members. The Committee also assures publicity concerning these awards is provided to the Community at Large. Last updated 2017-06-12 by Paul Schultz.
Foundation Board (Officers and Trustees)
photo Kersey, Dallas
The Board of Trustees consists of trustees and officers, the trustees are fourteen members elected to staggered three-year terms, and have the entire and complete control and management of the Foundation except as to such matters as by statute must be submitted to the members. The officers are a President,Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, each elected by the trustees for a one-year term from the membership. The officers may or may not be trustees.
Foundation Investment and Finance Committee
photo Johnson, Keith
The Foundation Investment and Finance Committee advises the foundation trustees on investment and financial issues. Last updated 2017-04-27 Thu 04:17 PM
Foundation Nominating Committee
photo Glass, Tom
The Foundation Nominating Committee reviews the needs of the Board’s membership and proposing candidates. 2017-04-27 Thu 04:57 PM
Foundation Philanthropy
photo Thompson, Cheryl D
The Philanthropy Committee reviews all requests for funding, proactively explores grant opportunities and makes recommendations to the foundation board for approval. Reviewed by Cheryl D. Thompson 2017-12-30
Foundation Planned Giving
photo Babyak, John
The Planned Giving Committee educates members about planned giving and provides resources for members to tailor this type of gift to help a donation go further. One great thing about this giving opportunity: It’s a sure way to ensure your values and guarantee that the Kiwanis Club of Weston Foundation will extend your Kiwanis impact to change children’s lives—even beyond your own. For more information, visit Last updated 2017-12-30 Sat 07:16 PM